We strive for
a better & healthier world

What's in it for you?

Feeling and eating better, without effort, every moment of your day. This is what we offer you. We make sure your favorite fruits and vegetables are available to you all year round. We inspire you to eat pure, healthy and tasty organic food naturally, whenever you want, wherever you are. Share your feeling and favorite fresh organic products with the world, so like you, more people will say:


What's in it for the world?

We are a movement … and you are invited to be part of it! We strive for a better and healthier world. Sustainable with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We help our growers and their local community develop and create a better future for their children. We think and act different to create a mind shift in the market. That’s how we take steps to a better, more beautiful and healthier world. Join the Organto movement by eating better, and we will make the world a little bit better. Or as we say it:


Meet our consumers

People who have a passion for a healthier world and a caring and sharing society, are the fans and ambassadors of Organto. Organto initiates the movement, the people are the drivers: male or female, young or old, so everyone is proud to say:


Fully transparent

We are fully transparent and in control of every aspect in the supply chain process, from farmer to retailer. Together with our farmers and partners we create new standards and go beyond…