Fresh organic fruits
and vegetables

We strive for a better and healthier world
for our generation and generations to come

Our tasty organic fruits and vegetables contribute to that and inspire people
to join our community in taking steps to a better and above all, healthier world.
Through organic and tasty products, we make the world a little bit better…
or as we say it:

Organto offers a wide range of branded I AM Organic products,
concepts and tailor made private label propositions to meet these needs via
an integrated asset light model with diverse sourcing, logistics, processing
and distribution capabilities.


To bring healthy and nutritious fresh organic fruits and vegetables to market by creating sustainable and transparent linkages between growers and end markets 


To be a leading global provider of fresh organic fruits and vegetables utilizing an integrated business model, trusted for driving  equitable returns to all parties in the value chain


•To work together as a team
•To honor and respect our customers, supply chain partners and team members
•Respect the world we live in and do what is right

Organto offers branded and distributed/white label products
to meet these needs via an integrated asset light model